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Its Not Just A KItchen

A great example of bespoke kitchens design

A kitchen like this can easily be the most popular room of the house!!

A kitchen like this can easily be the most popular room of the house!!

The above kitchen is a fine example from Mascari and is called Vertex.

Millions of people consider the Kitchen as the hub of the home, whether you relax, cook  or socialise in a modern designer kitchen, a rustic bespoke kitchen or a contemporary kitchen then you understand why this statement is so true.

In this article we shall look at some of the features that make the kitchen such an important room in your home. We shall look at some simple kitchen design styles that help make the kitchen one  of the most important rooms in any home.

For me a modern, designer kitchen is such a centre piece,  in any home. We frequently hold dinner parties, and my guests love the crisp and stylish look to the spacious room. By choosing the simple yet spacious layout we can easily accommodate our guests . Our kitchen is not just for cooking the family meals, but as a focal point, to stimulate conversation.

My wife always wanted to own a small cottage by the sea. Her dream kitchen would be a bespoke kitchen, that had all the rustic charm and features. Log burning fire, a beautiful stove and her oven-ware placed neatly along the walls. This style of kitchen would be much less a focal point, but rather a personality extension, showing her dreams and personality.

My friends love their contemporary kitchen, with clever hidden features such as a plasma TV , that at a push of a button turn on to their favourite programs. They have chosen a stylish yet modern approach to kitchen design.  They use the kitchen as the hub of the their home, watching TV whilst preparing the meals.

But make no mistake,  the kitchen, no matter its style, is the most important room in your home. Kitchens do not just need to designed around cooking! Thought and consideration should be given to the room that you often entertain in, cook in, socialise in and use as a focal point for your entire home.

So the next time you plan on having a new kitchen, whether you choose a modern, contemporary kitchen,  a designer kitchen or a rustic bespoke kitchen then bear in mind that this room is so important in any home.  

The Kitchen is the hub of the home due to the fact, that not only do you require a working functional kitchen, yet you require a social gathering point, a focal point and a place to relax and unwind. So before you choose your next kitchen,  remember that the bespoke kitchens are the hub of a home.